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Free AI Face Swap for Videos & Images

Swap faces in any video & image using our 100% free AI face swap tool.

How to use GoEnhanceAI Face Swap


Upload Face Image

Begin by uploading the image containing the face you want to swap into the video or image. Ensure it's a clear, unobstructed front-facing image featuring only one person.

Upload Target Video or Image

Next, upload the video or image in which you want to perform the face swap. Make sure it contains the scenes or segments where you want the face replacement to occur.


Simply click on the 'Generate' button. The AI will process the content, seamlessly swapping the faces in the specified segments of the video or image. You'll typically receive the resulting video or image within seconds.

Change Faces in Any Image

Make yourself or a celebrity the star of any photo, painting, or cartoon. Unleash your creativity and create content that turns heads and sparks conversations.

Change Faces in Any Video

Transform yourself or a celebrity into the main character of any film, music video, or viral meme. Unleash your creativity and produce content that captivates audiences and ignites conversations.

Produce Cinematic Deepfakes

Become anyone you desire with our cutting-edge deepfake technology. Generate cinematic-quality face swaps effortlessly using our user-friendly online face swap tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

More than Video & Image Face Swap

GoEnhanceAI goes beyond video & image face swap. Our platform offers advanced features for creating AI-generated videos & images, tailored to both creative and professional needs.With GoEnhanceAI, you can create high-quality, AI-generated videos and images that stand out. Enhance your visual content seamlessly and meet the growing demands of digital media.